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Where WaKanna For Life is going.

Come Home to WaKanna For Life 

Direct selling through our unique hybrid business model  is the perfect avenue for WaKanna For Life because of the lucrative commissions offered and our dedicated sales force.

WaKanna For Life's vision is that we exist to help end the negative stigma that has caused communities around the world to suffer and lose out on the health and wealth benefits of the Cannabis plant.

WaKanna For Life's strategy for success is constantly being updated to align with its mission, values and vision. We believe we have discovered the absolute best plan to go from living pay check to paycheck and all the frustrations and limitations associated with hourly employment to the freedom and abundance of owning a successful business.

WaKanna For Life intends to share this strategy with those looking to improve their lives & are ready and willing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams!

Capitalizing on the power of the internet, social media and our team of experts WaKanna For Life has put together a strategy complete with exactly where to get the education you need at a price that everyone can afford.  We envision our company becoming the standard by which others measure their success.

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